The gentlest introduction to everything crypto can do for you.

Crypto has actual utility, especially in emerging markets. But much of the experiences available now cater to the few in-the-know users.

Accrue's mission is to eliminate any barriers & increase accessibility to all possibilities available to everyday people through crypto.

Whether that is protecting your wealth from currency devaluation & inflation, accumulating wealth by investing in crypto as an asset class, access to global economic prospects through tokenized real-world assets, fast, cross-border reception/movement/spending of money, or no hassle collateralized loans.

We founded this company to cater to the rapidly growing population of beginners to crypto who want guidance, ease, convenience, and minimal risk.

Our crew

  • Clinton M.

    Co-founder, Engineering

  • Adesuwa O.

    Co-founder, Marketing

  • Mercy A.

    Customer Success

  • Gabriel O.


  • Richard A.


  • Aderonke L.


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